Thursday, 19 September 2013

2013 Translation prize

The Egyptian National Center for Translation has published a new call for participation in the fifth session of Rifa'aa Tahtaoui's Translation PrizeIn addition, there is a second prize for young translators. More details can be found on its website.

External link:

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Visual Localization tools for newbies

Localization tools for newbies

         As far as language industry is concerned, there are different types of localization. Simple definitions of these types are as follows:

  • Dub localization, the adaptation of a movie or television series for another audience.

        We may also talk about Website localization or internationalization which refer to the translation of the website content either into a local language or into an international one. The main tools which may help achieve this purpose online are (GlobalizeIt, Bablic).
       The videos that I have chosen for you are a comparison between two Localization tools, Catalyst and SDL Passolo. See how each tool localizes the application "notepad.exe" and a ".resx" file.

Link: CatalystSDL Passolo

          You may also want to check: Translation ExchangePairaphraseGlobalizeIt

Free CAT tools videos for newbies

Here is a link to a website which I recommend for any newbie.

The website offers 21 videos absolutely free. Unfortunately, you cannot download them, you have to watch them online. So, just take notes!

The videos will help you to compare the available CAT tools with a very easy-to-follow narrated video presentations. Watch how each tool performs the same task: translating a simple Word document. 

Follow the link below, select the CAT tools, then click on the tool icon to see more information.


There is also a premium content that you can watch and download if you register.

Friday, 6 September 2013

Ayat: a cross platform Quranic software with unique features

Ayat is a cross platform Quranic software with unique features, translated to many languages. 
It is the Desktop version of KSU Electronic Moshaf Project. It is currently installed on more than 500,000 PCs 

If you want to download it, check out the following link:


Tuesday, 3 September 2013

The new Quranflash website!

     Quranflash is an online application to help you read Quran comfortably from the browser. Quranflash displays popular prints, of different rewayas and layouts, to lower the difference between online and hardcopy reading, making it comfortable and visually familiar. With the latest version of Quranflash, a number of features have been added, making it a complete Quran research tool.
     A lot of translations can be displayed while you listen to the recitation of your choice. Besides, the different versions of the Quran also have a transliteration which might help you learn how to read in Arabic. 

    Here is the link to the website:
    If you are looking for more websites which provide Quran translation, click on the "Label": Quran Translation. This will enable you to see all the hidden posts on "Quran Translation".

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Translation Programmes in France

Université Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris3/ Ecole Supérieure d'Interprètes et de Traducteurs (ESIT)

- Master 1 Traduction et Terminologie Juridiques et Financières

- Master 2 Recherche en Traductologie

- Master Professionnel: Interprétation de Conférence

- Master Professionnel: Interprétation français/langue des signes française et LAS/français

- Master Professionnel: Traduction éditoriale, économique et technique

-DU Traducteur-interprète judiciaire

- Certificat de Méthodologie de la traduction

Follow the link to find the list of all the programmes: University Programmes