University Programmes

A Certificate, a Diploma or a Degree?

     Not everybody is gifted and quality in the industry of translation and interpreting is becoming crucial. Therefore, you need to be trained in order to be able to provide high-quality products which meet the standards and criteria in this field. Formal Degrees are becoming a requirement in the profession. In addition to the private training centers, a lot of higher education establishments worldwide have undertaken the mission of designing undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programmes which purport the education of would-be translators and interpreters, either with research or professional objectives. 

     Underneath, you will find a list of the most prestigious institutes and universities in addition to a brief presentation of their curricula with links to their web pages. Note that the list is going to be updated constantly. You may wish to bookmark the blog to check it out later or just subscribe in order to get updates via e-mail in your Inbox.

There are a lot of programmes worldwide.
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  • Algeria:

  • Post-graduate programmes:

  1. The Higher Arab Institute of Translation:



  • The UK:

  • Post-graduate programmes:

  1. London Metropolitan University:


- MA Translation:
- MA Conference Interpreting:
- Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Interpreting:
- Postgraduate Certificate in Interpreting (Health):
- PG Certificate in Translation & Technology:


  • Canada:

  • Post-graduate programmes:

  1. York University’s MA program in translation:



  • The USA:

  • Undergraduate programmes:

1. Kent State University:

- Bachelor of Science in translation


2. University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee/School of Education:

Bachelor of Science in Education with a focus in interpreting. / Interpreter Training Program (ITP)Link:

    • Post-graduate programmes:

    1. Gallaudet University:     

      - Master of Arts in Interpretation

      - Master of Arts in Interpretation: Combined Interpreting Practice & Research

      - Master of Arts in Interpretation: Interpreting Research

      2. Kent State University:

      - Master of Arts in Translation:
      - Doctor of Philosophy in Translation Studies:

      3. Monterey Institute of International Studies:

      - Master in Translation:
      - Master in translation & Interpretation:
      - Master in Translation & Localization Management:
      - Master in Conference Interpreting:

      4. Binghamton University: SUNY Binghamton:

      The Translation Research and Instruction Program (TRIP) : The program includes:

      -  PhD in Translation Studies

      -  Graduate Certificate in Translation


      • France:

      • Post-graduate programmes:
      1. Université Paris 8:

      - Master Traduction (T3L):


      2. Université Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris3/ Ecole Supérieure d'Interprètes et de Traducteurs (ESIT)

      - Master 1 Traduction et Terminologie Juridiques et Financières

      - Master 2 Recherche en Traductologie

      - Master Professionnel: Interprétation de Conférence

      - Master Professionnel: Interprétation français/langue des signes française et LAS/français

      - Master Professionnel: Traduction éditoriale, économique et technique

      -DU Traducteur-interprète judiciaire

      - Certificat de Méthodologie de la traduction


      • Belgium:
      • Postgraduate Programme in Specialised Translation 


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