Translation & Interpreting Industry

*** Getting Started in Translation:

     If you are considering a career in the translation and interpreting industry, you have to follow many steps in order to access this sphere:

  • The First Step:

    Before one can start in the translation and interpreting industry, he needs to have a very good mastery of languages, a solid knowledge in various subjects and a very good training to build and enhance his skills. There are many universities, institutes and institutions, either in the public or the private sector, which provide high-quality trainings. Yet, the choice depends on your budget as the fees are more or less expensive.
    To find out more about the establishments offering high-quality trainings, go to the page entitled "University programmes" or check out the label "Universities".
   According to your age, level of study and mainly your budget, you may choose an undergraduate or a postgraduate programme. It is also worth noting that even at the MA level, some programmes are general and aim at ensuring many outlets for their alumni. That is why new programmes which target specific skills are being designed each day due to the increasing requirements of the industry.

  • The Second Step:
         Before you take a leap in the dark, you may want to take a look at the audiovisual content curated in order to give you an idea about the scope of the industry and its pitfalls.